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Smart Zone realization

Our turnkey solution: bookable and multifunctional spaces. The Smart Zones allow more efficient logistics, digital control of the curbside and a more liveable and human centered city.


Welcome to the forefront of urban innovation, where smart technology meets physical space to revolutionize the way we use the curbside

At Coding the Curbs, our vision for adaptive cities comes to life through our Smart Zones. With realizing our solution, we deliver the following benefits.

Cities & citizens

City & Citizens_300x.png


Optimal use of scarce space


Street safety & congestion reduction


Digital control & enforcement

Logistical companies & drivers

Logistical company & drivers_300x.png


Place guarantee


Efficient Operation & Planning


Digital access to the city

Booking Application

Experience an intuitive digital platform that empowers logistic companies, local businesses, and citizens to easily access and book Smart Zones. Our web-based application offers a user-friendly interface for finding Smart Zones, reserving timeslots, and managing bookings.

CTC Mockups Iphone Standing.jpg
Iphone Standing.jpg

Smart Signs

An eye-catching display that communicates real-time availability, local bookings and information. Sustainably powered by solar panels, the Smart Sign can be used to make an ad-hoc reservation if the Smart Zone is still available, enhancing flexibility and accessibility on location.

Data Insight Dashboard

Our coding the Curbs dashboard empowers cities to use data insights for effective Smart Zone management. City officials are able to access utilization metrics, (un)loading patterns , curbside insights and logistical footprints. These data-driven insights enable informed decision making and proactive urban planning.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your curbs?

Ready to unlock the true potential of cities, fostering innovation, sustainability, and prosperity for all.

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