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Introducing City Innovators: Transforming Urban Mobility with Smart Zones 🎥

We are excited to introduce the city innovators from our recent pilot projects in Riga, Primăria Sectorului 6 Bucharest, and Gemeente Groningen, which were launched under the EIT Urban Mobility Call for Innovation 2023. Our latest video showcases the unique context of each of the cities and we're proud to share the journey, ambitions, and positive changes these cities have embraced.

The Smart Zone Solution Across different Countries

In conversation with the city officials, we identified and addressed specific bottlenecks in each city, deploying customised Smart Zone solutions that significantly enhanced urban mobility and accessibility. This video gives you an inside look at the specific challenges each city encountered and the strategic implementations that led to measurable improvements.

The collaboration with these cities has been invaluable in shaping our approach to urban mobility. The pilot projects not only met but exceeded expectations, leading to an extension of our efforts into 2024. This continuation will allow us to further refine our strategies and expand the benefits of Smart Zones.

Discover their Stories

Watch our video to see how these cities are pioneering the future of urban transport and learn about the significant changes brought about by Smart Zone implementation. We share our learnings and ambitions to improve logistic traffic in different European contexts. Join us in celebrating the innovative spirit and commitment of Riga, Bucharest, and Groningen as they redefine what it means to move smartly through the city.


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