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Smart Curbs, Smarter Cities: New exciting read on how our cities are transforming!

We're thrilled to share an insightful article from EIT that features Iskandar Tange, discussing the innovative ways digital tools are being used to redefine the curbside. We recommend you to read the full article over at Life on the edge of the curb. To give you a taste, we are sharing a few glimpses of it here.

People over Pavement

“Life on the Edge of the Curb" explores the transformation of urban curbsides into multi-functional spaces, driven by the adoption of digital technologies. Iskandar Tange discusses how digitalization is enhancing urban mobility and making cities more livable. The article delves into how apps optimize curbside management, and how drones might soon contribute to city logistics, reflecting a shift from traditional to tech-driven solutions.

That being said, a key focus of the discussion is the human aspect of urban digitalization. Iskandar emphasizes that while our tools and technologies are powerful, the ultimate goal is to enhance community connectivity and make urban environments more livable and inclusive. It's about creating spaces that cater to the needs of all citizens, ensuring accessibility and efficiency in every aspect of city life.

The Hidden Data of Urban Traffic

The article also sheds light on often overlooked elements of urban planning, such as logistics data. This data is crucial for understanding and improving the flow of goods and services in cities, yet it is frequently underutilized. Through examples from cities like Rotterdam and Lisbon, Iskandar illustrates how data-driven strategies are shaping more effective urban policies and practices.

This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, urban planning, and community development. Join the conversation on how digital innovations can transform city living, making it more sustainable and people-focused. 🌆

Interested in finding out more? Read the full article here:


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