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The two things people ask

Basically, there are always 2 things on people's minds when talking about Smart Zones:

1) what happens when somebody is too late or too early?

2) what if somebody is misusing the zone?

While the execution of the world first Smart Zone was on it's way, I got the change to talk about Coding the Curbs at Congres Mobiliteitstransitie last Tuesday. The topic: control of the digital public space. Let me say: it's great to exchange ideas and learn what people are thinking of.

My favourite answer to the above questions is to pose the question back to the person: what would you do?

But for now, let me briefly jump into some of my answers.

1) Frankly, we don't know the exact answer yet. But our booking system is designed with some margins to reduce the amount of conflicts. During the 3 month's pilot we will learn about the error margins (%? and t?) and optimise the system accordingly.

2) You will always need the carrot and the stick to get the desired behaviour. We're humans after all. The carrot is easy, we offer customers "space guarantee" and a smooth experience. The "friendly" stick will be our stewards and local enforcement at location. They will guide people in the correct use of the Smart Zone during the pilot. Integration with enforcement's system will offer us a "stricter" stick.


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