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An opportunity scan in Utrecht

From static to dynamic use of space

The strategy Smart Mobility of the City of Utrecht focuses on the city of the future. An attractive, accessible city, in which the mobility system is efficient and sustainable, in line with the ambition of "Healthy Urban Living for Everyone".

One of the three pillars within this smart mobility strategy is "From static to dynamic use of space" and focuses on the question: How can we dynamically design and use the available space for optimal mobility within the city?

To answer that question, we have started an Opportunity Scan together with the City of Utrecht. In this Opportunity Scan we map out the opportunities for multifunctional use of space.

In order to actually achieve implementation and upscaling, we start small by selecting one street. In a co-creative kick-off, we mapped out various promising streets. These streets stand out because they are used by (too) many different users, or because (too) many functions have been assigned to the street. Based on a number of criteria, we assess the suitability of these streets for the Opportunity Scan and a possible pilot in the follow-up phase.

With a thorough analysis, we map out the various characteristics of the selected street in detail. Examples of characteristics are: type of use, profile and signage. In addition, we organise a co-creation workshop to engage in conversation with stakeholders from the street. Together with residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, we identify challenges and opportunities for multiple use of space. The outcomes of this workshop, together with the results from the analysis, will form the basis for clear concepts to initiate the transition from static to dynamic use of space in Utrecht.

To be continued…!


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