Coding the Curbs

The power of multiple use of space

A solution that lays a digital layer over the physical infrastructure and thus prepares the city for the future.


that parking spaces turn into cozy terraces on Sundays when the weather is good.

By digitising streets and neighbourhoods, the space in the city can be used and divided up more intelligently. During the week, a street can fulfil different functions. For example, during the workweek there is space for loading and unloading, during the weekends there is space for recreation.

Our mission

Paving the way for the smart city of tomorrow, together.

The liveability of our city is under pressure

Growing urbanisation, increasing hustle and bustle and declining accessibility of the city are putting pressure on the quality of life in cities. How do these cities and its residents deal with the design of the limited available space?


The infrastructure of tomorrow

Innovations in the field of mobility offer great opportunities for the city and its residents. Mobility as a Service (MaaS), electric vehicles and autonomous transport are the new reality. What do these new forms of mobility mean for life in the city of the future?

Smart and flexible infrastructure

New mobility requires a new smart infrastructure. In these systems, both the digital and the physical are integrated with each other. What opportunities does smart infrastructure (physical and digital) offer for the city and its inhabitants?


that you can organise an environmental zone dynamically and flexibly.

On January 1, 2025, 30-40 municipalities in the Netherlands will introduce an environmental zone. Why can't it be a digital zone where access is determined depending on the location, the time of day and the type of vehicle? This allows a municipality to stimulate much more targeted behavior and experiment with new policy.

Future-proof city

Coding The Curbs has a co-creative approach consisting of three phases. In each phase, stakeholders are actively involved in the process - such as citizens, businesses and governments.


Opportunity scan

Scanning cities to find the greatest opportunities for programming the street are identified and by means of co-creation with stakeholders use cases are defined.


Living lab

A street as a research lab for the possibilities of digitization and the provision of various services in which companies and residents are actively involved.


Roll-out plan

After the pilot of the first digital street, a strategy and roadmap with projects for upscaling will be formulated together with the coalition of parties and governments.


that you can decide for yourself where you get on the tram or where the bus stops.

By digitizing streets and neighborhoods, the space in the city becomes dynamic. Insights from data ensure that the city is tailored to the needs of its residents. In this way, a digital connection with public transport can make the stops dynamic.




For the residents of the city

In the city of the future, the resident comes first. That is why Coding The Curbs focuses on them. They are the most important stakeholders in designing the streets, mobility and the digital layer. In collaboration with policymakers, governments and companies, we look for human solutions.

Do you want to be part of this initiative?

We are always looking for innovators and challengers. We are looking for people who dare to take a lead and would like to contribute to the smart city. We would like to talk to you. Contact us using the form below or request an opportunity scan directly.

About us

Coding the Curbs is an initiative of Fronteer and The Future Mobility Network. 

We started in 2020 and have been working with ambitious cities in The Netherlands since then.

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