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Digital Smart Zones

We help cities transform (un)loading bays in spaces that can be booked in advance, digitally controlled and adapt its function throughout the day. Users can easily book Smart Zone time slots  via our intuitive platform. 

✔ optimized space usage

✔ liveable streets

✔ place guarantee

"In two test locations, Smart Zones have shown immense potential. The Gedempte Zuiderdiep Smartzone enhances digital logistics access with reserved loading zones and refrigerated truck power points, reducing emissions. Meanwhile, the Haddingestraat Smartzone demonstrates versatile space utilization, accommodating loading/unloading, resident parking, and bike storage during events."

Sjouke van der Vlugt - City of Groningen


Our mission & approach

Free the city! 

We believe in an adaptive city where space adjusts to the changing demands of businesses and people

The liveability of our city is under pressure

City space is scarce and only getting scarcer. Many players are fighting for access to the curbs. The space can not dynamically adjust its function to changing demands and is uncontrolled. This is leading to a declining accessibility, inefficient use of available space and dangerous situations for people. Especially around loading bays, the problems are very clear.

Coding the Curbs - Illustratie.jpg

We need a smarter way of doing things

There is a wave coming our way: logistics will grow by 40% in the city centers over the next 5 years. With such an increase in vehicle movements, the “first-serve-first-come” way of operation will not hold. Rethinking the way we grant access to the curbside is our only option. For drivers, the “place guarantee” will allow for a more efficient operation and reduce the amount of kilometers driven by 20%. (focus on multifunctionallity / adaptiveness / giving space to logistics)

"Our dream is to change the way we look at city space, going from mono to monufunctional, from analog to digital and from static to dynamic"

Iskandar Tange - CEO & Co-founder

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CTC Groningen-175.jpg

Stakeholder Engagement

Involving citizen, business and internal stakeholders to understand local challenges, map opportunities, define conditions and create mandates.


With this human-focused approach, we ensure success for all our projects.

Ready to unlock the potential of your curbs?

We are always looking for innovators and challengers. People who dare to take a lead and would like to contribute to building the smart city. Schedule a meeting with our team and get in touch.

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