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Our open-source resources draws on our previous experiences in the field and brings to light the latest insights and trends in the industry. With these releases we aim to provide readers with a clear and accessible understanding of this dynamic and emerging field, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively implement these benefits in practical scenarios.

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Learning leads to change:

Dive Into our engaging educational tools

Flexible Curbside Management Course

As part of the EIT - Urban Mobility Ecosystem we helped developing an e-learning introductory course on Curbside Management. This includes different strategies to cater to the diverse needs of users through the use of technology and digitalisation, the roles and benefits of different stakeholders in the design process and best practice examples. Over the course of four modules, you can get a grasp on dynamic curbside utilisation, for free!

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White Paper "Ruimte maken in de Stad" (Dutch Only)

Want to understand how curbside management can result in an increase of space in the city and an increased livablity? Download our white paper and in under five minutes you know! 


Through evidence-backed explanations and case studies of our prior projects, we show our key points on what we can offer for the dutch cities of the future.

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