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Nestled in the heart of Romania, Bucharest dazzles with its fusion of ancient history and vibrant modernity. Known as "Little Paris of the East," this city is brimming with life and energy, offers a bustling urban landscape complemented by an ever-improving mobility scene.




Mihaela Ruxandra Marcu 6

In a bustling area, nestled within a densely populated residential zone, adjacent to a significant boulevard and a school, you'll find a small shopping area accompanied by a traditional food and vegetable market. Regrettably, the absence of an unloading bay results in considerable traffic congestion caused by freight activities, further encroaching upon valuable public space in a city grappling with limited real estate. Given that automotive mobility remains the predominant mode of transportation for Bucharest's residents, giving up two parking spaces for unloading purposes would face strong resistance. A Smart Zone presents an ideal solution, ensuring suppliers have guaranteed parking throughout the day, thus averting traffic bottlenecks. Meanwhile, neighborhood residents can still find parking space for their vehicles during the evening hours upon returning from work.


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