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In the heart of Utrecht, where medieval charm meets contemporary vibrancy, lies the city center boasting the iconic Dom Tower, a majestic 14th-century structure that stands as the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. Here, centuries-old canals crisscross the urban landscape, inviting you to wander through a maze of unique boutiques, cozy cafes, and historic architecture.





A pilot location where we could test the concept of a digital and adaptive unloading space for three months, right in the bustling inner city of Utrecht. This street is home to numerous small businesses, making it a hotspot for a wide variety of carriers who unfortunately often need to use the same space simultaneously. This pilot confirmed our assumption that by digitizing (un)loading processes, we could enable the municipality to spread out the logistic traffic throughout the day. Furthermore, the city of Utrecht was forward-thinking and aimed to utilize the Smart Zone as a true community space. Fully embraced by the local residents and business owners, the Smart Zone also served as a "pick-your-own" garden where people were invited to harvest fresh herbs, enjoy music, and each other's company. This Smart Zone exemplifies how we can redesign our streets to prioritize the well-being of people.


Do you want to follow the example of Utrecht?

Please don't hessitate to book a demo with us to find out more. We are more than happy to help.

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