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Welcome to Groningen, where bicycles outnumber people and the city's vibrant energy dances in step with the rhythmic clatter of wheels on cobblestone streets, making rush hour a two-wheeled ballet! 




Haddingestraat 26

Several times a week, the Lutheran Church is supplied for events by various parties. However, due to the lack of a loading and unloading area, this has resulted in prolonged traffic congestion in this narrow and busy one-way street. In collaboration with the Lutheran Church and the residents, two parking spaces have been transformed into Smart Zones. Suppliers can reserve the space in advance, and residents can use the same space for parking at other times through the booking platform. During events, the Lutheran Church can also reserve the Smart Zones for bicycle parking, bridal or funeral cars. Multifunctional space usage put into practice.

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39

Located on one of the main traffic arteries of the city center, equipped with a bus lane and two one-way cycling lanes on either side of the road, the Smart Zone provides carriers with a safe (un)loading bay. Situated in the heart of this bustling catering and retail area, a diverse range of logistics companies engage in daily supply operations, making the effective allocation of available space a complex task. By establishing the Smart Zone, the municipality now has the tools to better manage logistic traffic and digital enforcement. The Smart Zone features an electricity supply, allowing drivers to connect their cooling systems, thereby significantly reducing noise levels. In this way, the Smart Zone contributes in two key ways to the municipality's ambition of creating a more livable city center where automotive mobility does not cause disturbances.


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