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On Street Elements

Take a look at what core aspects are always included in our Smart Zone set-up - and which ones we can add to meet your needs. This integration, visible within the city's infrastructure, reflects our commitment to customization and flexibility, ensuring our solutions seamlessly align with your urban mobility and accessibility requirements.


Seamlessly blending hardware and digitalisation for smarter, safer streets

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Traffic Signs

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Our traffic signs are essential for clearly communicating the core function of the Smart Zones. From a parking sign to a loading and unloading sign, we have traffic regulations ready for each function. By placing a clear additional sign, we clarify the core concept of Smart Zones: bookable and multifunctional. This way, we instruct users on what is expected of them and prevent misunderstandings and improper use of the Smart Zones.

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Steet Marking

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On our platform, Smart Zones are marked as geofence areas. We also define the boundaries of our Smart Zones on the streets, making their locations clear to users. Our unique street pattern indicates that this is a new type of public space, managed flexibly. In this way, we elegantly nudge users towards the correct use of the space.



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State-of-the-art sensors are embedded in each Smart Zone to detect the presence of vehicles and monitor occupancy. These sensors provide real-time data to our system, thereby feeding our dashboard. They play a crucial role in gaining insights into the activities within the Smart Zones and the usage of urban public spaces.

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Smart Sign

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The Smart Sign is a beautiful e-ink display that allows users to check availability and upcoming reservations on-site. Powered by solar energy and equipped with a vandal-resistant casing, it offers additional flexibility for the function of the Smart Zone. The digital screen can display messages for various uses (e.g., recreation or mobility hub). This is an additional element available in our advanced and premium packages.


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