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Seamlessly blending hardware and digitalisation for smarter, safer streets.

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Traffic Sign

Our Traffic Signs are integral to guiding users to their designated Smart Zones. They provide clear, visible markers for areas reserved for parking, deliveries, and curbside pickups. These signs work in tandem with our app, offering updates on availability and location of Smart Zones, helping users find their reserved spot quickly and efficiently.

Geofenced Area

Geofenced Areas define the boundaries of our Smart Zones, creating a virtual perimeter that is accessible through our app. When you book a Smart Zone, you are granted access to these predefined areas for your specific use. This technology ensures that each zone is used according to its booking, facilitating a smoother and more organized use of urban space.

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Sensors are embedded within each Smart Zone to detect the presence of vehicles and monitor occupancy. These sensors provide real-time data to our system, ensuring that your reserved space is available upon arrival. They play a crucial role in managing the flow of traffic and activities within Smart Zones, making your experience more seamless and hassle-free.

Smart Sign

The Smart Sign allows you to reserve a Smart Zone in advance or check its availability on location. Powered by Solar Energy and equipped with an eye-catching display, the Smart Sign enables more flexibility and accessibility. It is a premium function that is available with our premium and ultimate package.


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