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Stakeholder engagement

Our method for real impact. Involving citizens, business and internal stakeholders to understand local challenges, map opportunities, define conditions and create mandate.

Unburden city

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We create solutions that resonate with the community and align with the goals of the city

Together towards success

We believe that citizens and local businesses are the heartbeat of the urban landscape. Every street has its own story with different people, wishes and demands. Our commitment to creating curbside transformations goes beyond technology – it's rooted in the belief that it’s all about the people.


Therefore meaningful impact can only be realized by taking a human-centered approach. Stakeholder engagement is a key focus in every project we deliver. We work hand-in-hand with our end users to address the context, unlock opportunities, set clear conditions, and foster a sense of shared ownership.

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Understanding the context

The people are the antennas of the street.

We begin by actively listening to the local residents, businesses, and logistics operators. By understanding their day-to-day experiences, concerns, and requirements, we gain valuable insights into the real-world complexities of the street and the local context.

Methods: Interviews, Surveys, & Observations

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Defining parameters

We recognize that each city carries its own aspirations and game plan. This is why we work closely with city officials and internal stakeholders to make sure that the conditions meet the ambitions. These parameters aren't just rules to follow; they serve as a master plan to guarantee that our solution genuinely leaves a lasting mark over time.

Methods: Stakeholder meetings and workshops


Mapping opportunities

Our methodology doesn't stop at understanding contexts, it extends to exploring opportunities. By working with citizens, businesses, and logistics experts, we collectively identify use-cases for our smart zones that resonate with the local wishes and demands. In this way we ensure that the Smart Zones contribute to the overall vibrancy of the urban ecosystem.


Methods:  Co-creation workshops.

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Collective commitment

By involving stakeholders in the decision-making process, we build a collective understanding and buy-in for change. This shared commitment for transformation creates responsibility and ownership among citizens, businesses and drivers. It activates them to participate in the solution and inspires them to contribute to making the city better.


Methods:  Onboarding session & co-liebers

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Once citizen engagement shapes our decisions and gains their commitment, we move forward to implement Smart Zones. Yet, our role doesn't end there. We offer continuous monitoring tools to assess stakeholder satisfaction, enabling cities to swiftly address changing preferences. Smart Zones remain flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of cities.

Ready to unlock the power of collaboration?

We are always looking for innovators and challengers. People who dare to take a lead and would like to contribute to the livability of the city. Schedule a meeting with our team and get in touch.

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