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Curbside Data Insights

Our answer to the data-era. Manage logistic, analyse (un)loading hotspots, and make better planning decisions. Intelligent optimisation to achieve your city goals. 

Unleash the power of curbside insights: effortlessly oversee logistics, analyze loading hotspots and enhance decision making

Unified Data Approach

Our unique approach leverages occupancy data from Smart Zone sensors, reservation information from our digital platform, and insights from logistics. This comprehensive dataset powers our Coding the Curbs Dashboard, enabling real-time feedback, optimization, and effective regulation of Smart Zones.

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Unveiling Urban Dynamics

Our data isn't just numbers—it's a basis for creating digital twins of Smart Zones. These virtual models offer a nuanced understanding of curbside dynamics, empowering decisions that enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and elevate safety. Enabling cities in data-driven urban planning and geofencing.

Security and Privacy

Safeguarding sensitive data is our priority. Our team excels in building robust, secure systems while respecting data privacy, ensuring your city's information and user data is handled with care and precision.

Interested in data-driven decision making?

Coding the Curbs is your partner in transforming logistics from a challenge into an asset, shaping cities where data drives progress. Welcome to a future where logistics data is put in action to shape smarter cities.

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