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The city of Amersfoort

The city of the future

In the municipality of Amersfoort we started as a partner in the "City of the future" project. The aim of the project is to see the area development of the Wagenwerkplaats as a "Living Lab" for a new urban vision in the field of logistics.

In collaboration with PostNL, Primevision and Imoss, we develop scenarios for an adaptive city in which quality of life is central. In practice, transport and logistics are only included at the end of a development, but what if we turn that around and take efficient and barrier-free neighborhoods as a starting point?

  • What if mobility and freight transport are organized in a hub that exactly matches a neighborhood?

  • What if dynamic places on the street provide for varying use of space during the day, week and year?

  • What if a parking space can become a terrace on the weekend?

  • What if we can predict with data what the ideal digital loading and unloading location should be during the peak months at the end of the year?

  • What if ….

Our role as Coding the Curbs is to co-write the vision and implement a "Smart Loading Zone". In the second quarter of 2021 we will show in a demonstration environment what the advantages are of a place that you can book as a delivery person or supplier. Ultimately, this will result in fewer kilometers driven, less annoyance and accidents, less emissions and less CO2. In short: more liveability.


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