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World's first Smart Zone

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Tuesday the 7th of May marked the first day of the first Smart Zone in the world! 🌍 Together with Gemeente Utrecht and our CTC team we worked hard on realizing this important step towards freeing the city.

The project has been almost two years in the making. Starting with an opportunity scan we co-created and explored the best location and use-case with stakeholders. Extensive research followed in order to map the logistical movements and engage with logistical parties, suppliers, local entrepreneurs and residents.

A flying start

We welcomed Bidfood Netherlands as the first user of our bookable (un)loading bay. Over the first week we've seen many new vehicles and users arrive at the Smart Zone and enrolling on our platform.

The pilot will run for three months during which will learn more about the system and effects in the street. Our Coding Coaches will be at the location to raise awareness and support people in using this innovative solution.

A special thanks to all the local entrepreneurs, citizens and partners for helping us during this journey.

Stay tuned for results of this pilot.


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